2: Everyone's a Liar


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Episode 2: Everyone's a Liar

Rule #1 in IT: Users Lie. Why? That's what we'll take a look at in this week's episode.

Why? Why do they do it? Is it just to spice up the day? They can't wait to interact with me? It makes no sense. You didn't check to see if the cord is plugged in when it's laying on the floor visibly unplugged from 10 feet away. You didn't restart it if your computer says it's been up for 65 days.

We'll take some guesses at why users lie, and some examples of users lying to our faces. Simple lies, innocuous lies like "yes I checked the cables" or "my tablet won't work" when the user didn't even plug it in and turn it on.

This week we have a co-host. His name is Cody. You can find out a little more about him on our website www.helpdesknightmares.com as well.

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This Week in Helpdesk History http://articles.latimes.com/1989-01-13/news/mn-402_1_computer-virus


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