De Pre-Med a Una Carrera en Financial Services con Gaby Hernández | SDI 13


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Gaby is a first generation college graduate, Latina millennial who's passionate about empowering others to create wealth and live a life they truly love. Working as a life insurance agent and entrepreneur she seeks to educate communities on all things money, insurance, retirement, etc! Gaby is part of numerous community organization boards and loves to volunteer in community events. For a quick recap of this episode go to Be sure to continue join us in more money conversations in our FREE community over here: Enjoy this episode and want more? Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes: By you doing that will help us reach more women like you. It’s easy, here is how: The post appeared first on the Su Dinero Importa Podcast. Have you not grabbed my book? You can do so by searching Her Money Matters on Amazon OR using this link:

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