Latina Equal Pay Day: Three Tips To Help Shrink The Wage Gap | SDI 9


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The official observation of Latina Equal Pay Day was November 1st, but the conversation undoubtedly continues. There is a lot of work to do and I share how we can each make an impact to shrinking that wage gap. What we will discuss in today's episode: The critical stats and what we can learn from them What having clarity on your finances has to do with the wage gap The one factor that will no doubt help you contribute in shrinking the wage gap no matter where you stand Three simple actions you can take right now which can initiate a domino effect of women becoming more powerful advocates of their money For a quick recap of this episode go to Be sure to continue join us in more money conversations in our FREE community over here: Enjoy this episode and want more? Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes: By you doing that will help us reach more women like you. It’s easy, here is how:

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