Alpha Females: Making Home Life Work


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alpha-females-making-home-life-workIs your take-charge attitude taking a toll on your home life?Are you an alpha woman?
An alpha woman takes charge. She may be considered bossy or controlling. A beta woman takes a softer approach. Both personalities have their strengths and weaknesses.
Alpha women can have a lot of personal life conflict.
How can you resolve this conflict?
  • Wave the white flag. The drive to be in control stems from fear of something not working out or fear of your partner being able to handle the situation. Keep in mind that you’ve deemed your partner worthy of your love. Grant the trust that things will happen without your bossiness.
  • Own your inner beta. Embrace the feminine. Yes, you may have to take charge in the workplace to get ahead. That doesn’t always play well in a romantic relationship. Try being more nurturing, easier and softer. Your partner will respond differently than when the relationship is combative or competitive.
  • Learn the dance. Women have the opportunity to steer the relationship in the direction they want. You don’t have to be right or have the last word. Your partner will follow your lead. Give love and be conciliatory.
  • Stop saying ‘no.’ There’s no need to negate just to play devil’s advocate. Some arguments aren’t worth having. Sometimes your partner wants sympathy and agreement. Think twice before asserting your rightness
How do you view marriage? Do you consider divorce as a possibility? Reframe your relationship and drop divorce as an option. See what you can do to make improvements to find contentment in your marriage.
Listen as Suzanne Venker joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to discuss how an alpha woman can enjoy harmony at home.


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