S3 EP9: 7 Beliefs that are Limiting your Relationship


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Many of us have been conditioned with limiting beliefs about love and relationships that hold us back from true, unconditional love. And is this episode, Kristel will share the 7 biggest beliefs that are limiting your relationship, and how to break free from them.

So grab a pen and paper (and maybe a glass of wine) and tune in with Kristel as she guides you through freeing yourself from some of the most common yet limiting beliefs that we have formed around love and relationships.


  • Do arguments mean something is wrong?
  • Change is not a threat to your relationship
  • Who’s to blame for poor communication?
  • Why we don’t need another “half”
  • Does the spark disappear when sex does?
  • Will radical honesty ruin a relationship?
  • Is cheating the end of your relationship?


“Real freedom is to be in coexistence with another human and be connected, but not attached.” 22:16


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