115: The 1st Step to Getting New Clients and Customers


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I love building networks!

In fact, my last business was a network of over 100,000 people who loved personal developmentand personal finance training, who connected with each other at events and did business and even real estate deals together.

And HerBusiness — has grown from a network of a few hundred people to a community of thousands of women.

And here is a really important difference for you to understand..

I have built networks…

But, I’ve always hated traditional networking…

AND I consider myself an introvert.

And still, I’ve built numerous large networks of people who are doing business together and getting great results turning their networks into profits and making a real contribution.

BECAUSE… I didn’t just create a network… I created a CONNECTION network.

In this episode, I tell you about the three-part system that I created precisely because I don’t like or believe in traditional networking, but I LOVE building a connection network.

When you have a connection network… you never feel salesy or out of place or pushy…

…because your network is built on real, authentic relationships… where opportunity naturally shows up… you don’t have to force it…

This is not the kind of network where you just accumulate contacts and reach out only when you need something…

Or, worse still, where others in your network are only ever reaching out to you when THEY need something.

This is the kind of network that is based on CONNECTION.

A REAL connection… just like elsewhere in life - involving respect, mutual values, and a desire for EVERYONE to win...

… and where you can get everything you need, simply by knowing the 3 key moves which are part of a larger Connection Blueprint that I’m sharing in our free workshop.

Listen to hear:

  • How I grew a huge network without going to networking events
  • How to ‘show up’, even if you’re shy and introverted
  • How to identify where you sit on the Connection Scale, and how to get to the ‘sweet spot’ in the middle
  • How one woman created 10s of thousands of dollars in business quickly by taking this very first step
  • Why your connections matter to your long-term ability to get referrals and new clients, quickly and easily

Plus, get your free pass to the online Grow Your Network, Get New Clients Workshop.

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