126: Go Bold. Set Gutsy New Year Goals


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If you were to be bolder in 2020 than you were in 2019, what would you do?

What gutsy goals would you set?

Each year I ask our HerBusiness Network members to consider this question as we get to the end of a year.

And, this is a question that I too have asked myself for many years.

At the start of 2019 members listed Bold Goals like:

  • Launch a new course
  • Write an e-book
  • Create a debt-collection app
  • Get paid to speak
  • Take my family on a Holiday
  • Embrace success in all forms
  • Travel more
  • Being less involved in the day-to-day customer service
  • Get more reliable leads from an existing database
  • I will have built my business enough to be able to quit my job of 15 years!
  • Be SEEN. Get on video more (especially live videos).
  • Complete my book (which is 1/2 complete).
  • Finalise my divorce. Meet my Life Partner and be pregnant this time next year.

Wow. They were some pretty amazing and bold goals.

Your Bold Goal is your heart speaking what it wants.

When you set that Bold Goal (even if you’re too afraid to verbalise it) it can make you sweat a little.

That, is an indication that it’s a place that you want to dare to go.

And, with the right support you can step into this bolder way of being.

I truly believe you can achieve anything when you have the right people and resources available to you.

Listen to hear:

  • How having the right people around you gets you closer to your goals faster
  • The book that shows you how to have the ‘stick-with-it-ness’ to get any goals
  • Why mapping out the steps to your goal before you start taking action gets you where you want to go faster, and with less hassle
  • How your habits impact whether or not you actually get your goal
  • Suzi’s scary 2020 Bold Goal ;-)

Also mentioned in this episode:

Grit - The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

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