155: The Art of Business: Creating a Business More Like You — with Nicholas Wilton


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Starting and building a sustainable business is a little like art in the making. It's about trying new things, and seeing if they work. And, if they don't, making corrections and continuing on your journey.

Artists go through this process time after time — it's how they create art that resonates with us. When we're attracted to a piece of art, it's because it's unique and interesting and says something about the artist and who they are. This idea applies to your business as well. Here’s what I mean.

Your ideal clients will resonate with your unique take on your ART, your message, and what YOU bring to the business that is uniquely YOU. So, Is your business a true expression of yourself and your creativity?

How can thinking of your business as a work of art help you achieve more success?

In this episode of the HerBusiness Podcast, I interview Nicholas Wilton. Nicholas is a renowned artist, entrepreneur and the founder of Art2Life, an online platform that strives to build, empower, and inspire the creative community. Nicholas’s Art2life Workshops, Art2life Creative Mentorship Programs and his Creative Visionary Path online programs provide artistic, business, and creative coaching to artists.

Listen to this episode to hear Nichols talk about:

  • Why bringing MORE OF YOURSELF into your business matters
  • The role AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION plays in creating and growing your business
  • How to ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS with a business that’s more like you
  • Why “what we don’t know RUNS the show”
  • How being, not just doing, impacts your ability to BE CREATIVE
  • Why mistakes are a crucial part of YOUR CREATIVITY

You’ll also come to understand that instead of striving for perfectionism, you can let the journey inspire you by embracing your mistakes, being your authentic self, and making your business more like you. That’s how you’ll draw people in. That’s how you’ll grow your business and achieve your life goals.

"The process of business making and art-making is just a process of becoming yourself." - Nicholas Wilton

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