#141. Tricia Barker: Life Lessons from a Near Death Experience


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When Tricia Barker was 22 she had a near fatal car crash. She broke her back in three places. During her emergency operation, she experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE). Her consciousness left her body and she saw Angels in the operating room.

In this episode, Tricia talks through the details of her experience, as well as the messages that she received that were so clear to her. Specifically we discuss:

  • Experience of leaving her body, and recognizing that she existed outside of her humanness
  • Angels who communicated with her telepathically
  • How the Angels worked through her Doctors to heal her broken body
  • The small details she noticed of things that were happening outside of her operating room, which helped to verify her experience
  • The messages she took back from the loving God energy she experienced
  • What it was like to come back to her physical form

This is a story that is full of hope and love. She talks about the sense of connection between us all and how we all have lights that can be turned on.

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To learn more about Tricia: www.triciabarkernde.com

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