#137. Dr Lori Whatley: Tech & Our Lives - How to be Connected & Engaged.


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In this episode we're talking about our relationship with technology, and how we can have a healthy-partnership with it, rather than have it dominate us and our lives.

Dr Lori is a Clinical Psychologist who did her research into technology and the impacts on relationships. She is an thought-leader in the field of technology and helps businesses and families manage technology distractions and establish real connections.

  • The "Phubbing" phenomenon - being snubbed for devices
  • Technology and marriage
  • How to know when we're addicted to our devices
  • Minimizing stress coming from technology
  • Boundaries and technology - what we need to consider
  • Technology and our kids
  • How we can use technology during this crazy Covid season

Dr Lori's new book is Connected & Engaged. You can find that here: https://www.amazon.com/Connected-Engaged-Digital-Distractions-Reconnect/dp/1734117400

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