Would you spend $599 on a travel tripod?


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Would you spend $599 on a travel tripod?

In 10 days, Peak Design has already raised over $5 million for their new travel tripod. Nick is one of nearly 12,000 Kickstarter backers. But would you spend nearly $289 for a small aluminum tripod? Or $479 for lightweight carbon fiber? (Final retail price will be $599.)

Griffin has been testing out the Rapid Filter System by Alter—a quick way to flip an ND filter on and off your lens. Also available through Kickstarter.

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Panasonic tells me they’re planning a Lumix “product announcement” this Friday, May 31 from CineGear Expo in Los Angeles—but that’s all they’re telling me. It’s 12:30p PT, probably live-streamed as these things usually are. Check Lumix social media for more details.

This Thursday night, May 30, I’m running the Midnight Half Marathon—a crazy, live-streamed 13.1-mile race, with no set course. Just eight checkpoints throughout Brooklyn.

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