Hidden City Roller Derby - Episode 004 Maze of Verbal Pollution (2018-07-19)


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The Rollers are joined by multi-national FFG champ KP to discuss six-packs-in-six-weeks, the new big announcement about roles, how lion are the best clan (or not?!?!) and the south-east-asia meta and potential new events.

Decklists talked about:

Simcof Shrine Maiden (Pocket full of jank) - https://fiveringsdb.com/decks/fbebcff3-8b3f-11e8-9ce5-8e1ccf16fca4/view

Toreadory Dishonor Phoenix ("Merl") -> https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/bbece448-6a0d-11e8-9ce5-8e1ccf16fca4/view

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