Awakening the Soul of Power: Christian de la Huerta and Dawson Church in Conversation


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Christian de la Huerta is a transformational coach, speaker, and award-winning author. His latest book, Awakening the Soul of Power, inspires readers to discover new ways that transform their relationship to power, generating deeper levels of fulfillment and personal freedom. Music icon Gloria Estefan called it "a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions."

With over 30 years' experience, Christian's unique personal development programs have transformed countless lives and communities around the world. His groundbreaking TEDx talk helped bring breathwork to the forefront as an important component to any healing practice.

His first book, Coming Out Spiritually, was chosen by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the 10 best spirituality books of that year and is widely regarded as an important "must-read'' for aspiring LGBTQ leaders.

Here Christian and Dawson discuss:

  • Christian's first transformative breathwork session
  • How after a while your trauma no longer lives in your mind, it lives in your tissues
  • Energy's presences through science
  • When we stuff our emotions, they don’t go away
  • The ways energy seeps out as physical symptoms
  • What happens to unhealed energy
  • As a species the off balance between masculine and feminine cosmic energies
  • If we aren’t presenting ourselves authentically, how can we have good relationships?
  • How do we step into personal power in a way of not using manipulation or stepping on others?
  • Ego power vs soul power
  • How personal power begins with self-awareness
  • Ask yourself: What situations trigger me giving my power away?
  • The ego has a limited fear-based perspective
  • Benefits of surrendering to our own nature

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