Heal Beyond Expectations: Maya Novak and Dawson Church in Conversation


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Dr. Maya Novak is the author of Heal Beyond Expectations. Over 350,000 people have already used Dr. Maya's website and the healing services available there, helping them heal their bodies and lives from the inside out with confidence and ease. She is host of The Mindful Injury Recovery World Summit and developer of the Mindful Injury Recovery method.

Here she and Dawson talk about:

  • Her rock-climbing accident
  • Are your beliefs supporting your health?
  • How and why people often think their body is letting them down
  • How our bodies don’t just want to survive, they want to thrive!
  • If there are delays or complications, ask yourself if there is something else you need to deal with
  • Often there were signs in advance, but we pushed them aside
  • Another question to ask yourself, what is unresolved in your past?
  • This injury might be an opportunity to stop and think
  • Forgiveness is essential to healing physical trauma; it changes our biochemistry
  • Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, but it frees us from past trauma
  • Four forms of forgiveness, the first is forgiving yourself
  • Putting yourself in a positive state of mind when you wake up
  • The Mindful Injury Recovery Design Model
  • Study gets information but nothing changes

For more on Dr. Maya Novak: https://www.mayanovak.com/

And to reach Dr. Dawson Church: http://www.dawsongift.com/

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