Obese, Poor Metabolic Health Spread More Virus (viral load deep dive)


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Various studies have found a correlation with obesity, poor metabolic health (insulin resistance) and higher viral loads and spread. In this session we summarize this body of research, suggesting it's our moral obligation to get and stay physically fit, metabolically healthy.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 intro 0:45 Viral load and Obesity 1:20 Fast food companies 2:40 Gut health and infections 2:48 Fast food is part of the problem 5:47 Eating local, why it’s important 7:37 High glucose increases viral load 8:57 Importance of HBA1C 9:26 Influenza and Obesity

9:58 Obesity may drive viral variants 10: 17 Viral load and Obesity 11:40 New Electrolyte 12:37 Viral load and Obesity 14:00 Mike’s infection story 16:53 IL-6, Inflammation and viral load 18:43 Viral Load and high blood pressure, Obesity 20:30 Viral load and BMI 23:28 Obesity, Leaky Gut and Lung Issues

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