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I’m joined by Terry Pappas, Managing Director at Bat Hawk aircraft. He is a very interesting and well travelled gentleman. Bat Hawk have developed their own Light Sport Aircraft which has proved highly successful. They are sold all over the world and are particularly able as visual reconnaissance and game viewing aircraft. Bat Hawk and South African National Parks have a relationship in the Anti Rhino poaching effort.
Bat Hawk has also provided aircraft for other games reserves all over Africa. This versatile light aircraft has also been used for crop-spraying, aerial reconnaissance, tours and even in a command and control role.
Terry has also been crew on the America's Cup winning Team, Alinghi, working as a Chef. As part of that journey, Terry also circumnavigated the globe on a yacht.
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Terry Pappas
Team Alinghi - America's Cup Winning Team
Anti-rhino poaching
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