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This was a fascinating conversation with the Deputy Commanding Officer of the Snowbirds, Canadian Forces aerobatic display team, Lt Col Denis Bandet.
The 9-ship aerobatic team are flown by Royal Canadian Air Force pilots while the ground and support staff come from all arms of service. Denis has recently stepped down as leader, after spending several years with the Snowbirds. Join me for this exciting conversation.
The conversation moved around all aspects of Royal Canadian Air Force lifestyle and career. Denis is a former F18 fighter pilot and is now serving his second tour with the Snowbirds. His former position in the team was number 6. We talked about the role of the team and how they select new pilots. We touched on the selection process over a two week period.
The intense training schedule for this large and capable formation team will give new members at least 100 flights in their training. Interesting, they have a purpose designed training program for "over water" displays. The depth perception is quite different and they treat this as a whole different display.
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