#5 Nelson Mandela & Bill Clinton one Helicopter - Francois Allison


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In this episode I had a great conversation with Francois Allison. We spoke about the discipline required in Air Force training, basic military training and flying training. How Air Forces around the world train their pilots in a similar fashion. We talked about the techniques of being a flying instructor and the relationships that build and grow as you pass on the "guild of flying"
He tells an interesting story of flying Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton on the same flight. When Nelson Mandela was writing "The long walk to Freedom" Bill Clinton visited him. The SA Air Force flew both of these distinguished gentlemen out to an exclusive mountain retreat. Fran had the opportunity of not only flying them, but spending some time with them too.
Fran spent more than a decade in the SA Air Force, flying helicopters and as a flying instructor. He later transitioned into airline flying, first with SA Airlink and now with British Airways Comair on the Boeing B737.
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