#17 - Founder & Chief Executive of Henley Air - André Coetzee


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In this episode I'm joined by André Coetzee, Chief Executive of Henley Air. He is not only a grade 1 Helicopter Instructor, with nearly 15000 hours on helicopters, André is also a Professional Mechanical Engineer and holds a PhD in Aviation Management. He is a reservist Lieutenant Colonel in SA Police Services Flying Squadron. André is also a member of the Flight Test Society of SA and is rated on 40 different helicopter types.
He started Henley Air together with his father, Prof Coetzee and has built one of the premier helicopter service providers in the country. They offer a range of services including basic and advanced helicopter training, charter operations and many corporate contracts including: Netcare 911, CarTrack, Matrix, precious metals and power line inspections.
André and his team pioneered Night Vision Goggles (NVG) training for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services. At the time Henley started with NVG operations, there were no CAA guidelines. The Henley team developed the guidelines for SA-CAA. They then implemented the training and got the certification and approval passed at CAA, to become the first NVG training provider and operator.
This modest gentleman is highly regarded in the flying fraternity by those who have operated with him. http://www.henleyair.co.za
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