#19 International Air Traffic Control - Tobias Arndt


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Have you ever wondered how Air Traffic Control works in a busy European airspace? My conversation with Tobias Arndt, an approach controller with Deutsche Flugsicherung, based in Munich, covered flying, sky diving, airspace control and mandatory stress leave. Upper airspace control feeds into the approach sector where he is positioned, to line the aircraft up with the runway.
Germany has more than 3.3 million movements each year, making it one of the busiest airspaces in Europe. The record number of movements in one day last year was 11012! That is 11000 flights through German Airspace!
Thank you to Frankie Flyer, for the great photos that were used today in the conversation. Have a look here for more GREAT photos: http://frankieflyeraviationblog.blogspot.com/

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