#28 Red Bull Air Race Pilot - Dario Costa


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My guest has a great story to tell. He set himself a goal of flying in the Red Bull Air Race series. Then he threw himself headfirst and worked until he got there. Dario Costa know how to set a goal and work like crazy until you reach it. He also knows that in flying, as in life, things don’t just come easy.
He is a part of the Flying Bulls and is a Red Bull Athlete, based at the head office in Salzburg. Our conversation will cover the journey this effervescent Italian embarked on, to reach his goal. There were many sacrifices along the way. Dario worked multiple jobs, lecturing aerodynamics during the evenings and developed training syllabi for the largest flying school in Italy, all the while giving aerobatic flying instruction.
Watch the YouTube interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kztBmytGhbE
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