#15 - Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team Leader - Maj Sivu Tangana


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In this episode I’m joined by the Leader of the Silver Falcons, Major Sivu Tangana. Sivu was trained as a helicopter pilot, flying Agusta A109 and Denel Oryx helicopters before becoming a flying instructor.
Sivu, originally from Grahamstown, has been stationed at many places, usually involving the ocean nearby. He has operated as the spare pilot, number 3 and number 5, the soloist. He was appointed leader during 2019.
The Silver Falcons are based on the West Coast, at the Central Flying School, AFB Langebaanweg. This team is made up of full time flying instructors and regularly give up evenings and weekends to perform airshow displays.
The Silver Falcons has a rich history going back to 1967, when operating the Silver Aermacchi MB326 aircraft. The name was chosen as it was similar in english and in afrikaans, "Silwe Valke”.
Silver Falcons contact details:
twitter: @silverfalcons
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facebook: Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team
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