HSG84: Gen Con 2019 Wrap-Up


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Gen Con 2019 is, hands down, the best Gen Con we've ever been to. Amy and Steve join us to talk about the highs and lows of the year's best four days in gaming. We ran events, made and handed out a 'zine, just a crazy fun time on Amy's secret plan to make sure HSG wanted for nothing all convention long. From a party bus to getting to play Cyberpunk Red and Super Robo Rally to a memorial service fro Noodles and Company to the wonderful times we had with the High Shelf Gaming community...This year was insanely fun. Huge thank you to everyone in the High shelf Gaming community who ran games and made the convention better for everyone. Thanks to Scott, Pattrick, Mike, Heather, Hugo, Fernando, and even Rich for running games and giving back to the community in such a selfless way. So freaking cool!This episode is longer and covers fewer games than past wrap-ups, but this was too much to keep to ourselves. Hope you enjoy the retelling of our times at Gen Con 2019.

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