Ashley Easter: Cult Survivor Turned Intuition Master On How To Take Control Of Your Destiny & Communicate With Your Intuition


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In this episode...

Ashley Easter is a cult survivor turned Intuitive Master and coach who helps women stop the self-doubt and harness their Intuition so they can take control of their destiny by becoming Intuitive AF. She is the founder of Intuition Mastery a 6-week journey from Intuition-Curious to full-on Intuition Master.

Ashely shares the practice and science of intuition, so that you can unlock your inner guidance to live in alignment with your soul's purpose!

We talk about:

  • The four main ways we experience intuition
  • Living through a traumatic up-bringing where intuition was systemically squelched.
  • The day that Ashley heard her intuition loud and clear, which gave her the strength to get out of her toxic environment and now lead others in doing the same.
  • What it looks like to master intuition and how intuition mastery has completely transformed Ashley's life
  • Identifying the areas you do/don't follow intuition and the practices to improve in all areas of life
  • How to receive more visual and audible intuitive hits

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