8 Life Changing Lessons We Learned: How To Get Unblocked & Stay Aligned In Business And Life


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In this episode... You’ll hear about the most important, life-changing lessons we learned this year that helped us level-up our mindset, business, and personal lives:

  • High Vibe Living: During the pandemic, we decided to turn our fears into love and operate in a high vibrational frequency through positivity, gratitude, meditation, self-care, and daily mindset work.
  • Therapy: Sharing our experience with therapy, plus our favorite transformative psychology resources.
  • Get Direction: Aaron shares how to start a new business strong by getting clear on what direction you're going
  • Morning Routine: Mastering overwhelm and burnout by putting yourself first. Melissa share's morning routine practices that have revitalized her energy and productivity.
  • Trusting Your Intuition: How Melissa's business did a 180 when she finally learned how to tap into and lead with intuition
  • Remaining Adaptable: Aaron shares a valuable lesson in what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur
  • Loving to Fail: The mindset every entrepreneur needs to adopt
  • Law of Attraction: The biggest key to living a life of abundance!

Mentioned in Show:

Psychology In Seattle

BetterHelp Online Therapy

Law of Attraction: Watch The Secret on Netflix for introduction to LOA


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