Stress Less - Powerful Productivity Hacks: Stay organized, Set Systems, Manage Content, And Maintain Work-Life Balance


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How we stay on top of our game working smarter, not harder, with simple but powerful productivity hacks.

  • Why a long to-do list is the worst thing you can be doing and how to tackle to-dos instead.
  • Setting top priorities and intentions to reduce procrastination and overwhelm.
  • The three (free) programs Melissa uses to organize everythinggg. Life-changing!!!
  • Why you need a '2nd brain'. (Grab the templates in the links below!)
  • How Melissa and Aaron use Notion for all of their organizational needs: note taking, content calendars, tracking goals, marketing strategies, lead tracking, vision boards, and staying on top of tasks.
  • How knowing working out of your Zone of Genius provides more time-freedom and success.
  • Living by your Entrepreneurial Archetype to stop wasting time and create an aligned business true to your zone of genius.
  • Why you should be delegating from day one, and reinvesting into your business by hiring outside of your zone of genius. Aaron and Melissa share the many ways they outsource and delegate to increase productivity and efficiency.

Mentioned in Show:

Gmail Organization Tutorial

Google Calendar Tips Tutorial

Join Notion for free now

Build a 2nd brain now: Browse Notion's amazing templates

Read the book and learn your zone of genius: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Take the quiz and learn your Entrepreneurial Archetype

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