Sara Rothschild: How To Thrive As A Soloboss And Create A Brand That's Built To Last


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Sara Rothschild, owner of Soloboss Design Co, helps female entrepreneurs create a brand that's built to last. After working in the corporate world for about 5 years, she was ready for a change. January 2020 she quit her job and booked a one-way to Vietnam with plans for an around-the-world trip. Three countries in, the world stopped. She was determined to make the location-independent lifestyle a permanent one, so she dove head first into what she was good at and passionate about; strategy and design.
Soloboss Design Co was the perfect way to share this. Sara saw that navigating the world of entrepreneurship could be overwhelming, but her experiences taught her that going solo does not mean going at it alone. Sara loves to solve problems in creative ways and building with purpose. She a branding coach and a designer, helping entrepreneurs integrate their messaging and visuals powerfully.
We talk about:
⚡️ The crucial first step when it comes to branding and what most people get wrong
⚡️ The major elements needed for building a brand that withstands time
⚡️Sara's journey as a digital nomad
⚡️ How to make sure your brand stands out from competition
⚡️Tips for taking your visuals to the next level

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