Steph Lit: Creating Ultimate Ease In Business By Aligning Your Energy With Lunar Cycles


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In this episode...

This episode will teach you the why and the how women can sync up their energy with lunar cycles in order to tap into more flow, ease, and productivity while avoiding burnout.

Steph Lit is a women's mentor + productivity coach, whose mission is to support ambitious women achieve their goals while avoiding burnout. Her work is an elegant marriage of ancient wisdom and modern business and she offers weekly yoga classes, FLOWductivity workshops and coaching. Her work draws upon traditional coaching and behaviour change theory; women’s reproductive health and cycle regulation; functional nutrition; yoga and mindfulness; pelvic floor care; and PLEASURE. She’s committed to teaching you how to leverage your energy ebbs-and-flows so that you get way more done with way less effort….and that’s always a career-booster!

We talk about:

  • Circadian Rhythm vs Infradian Rhythm - understanding the 28 day cycle that effects energy levels every month
  • Steph deep dives into what times of the lunar cycle are great for rest and reflection, networking and socializing, or 'doing' the projects/work with hyper focus.
  • How to best time your business according to your energy cycles
  • The Sun vs Moon representation we see in masculine vs feminine
  • When during the 28 day cycle to work on strategic planning, networking, or launches
  • Red Moon Cycle vs White Moon Cycle and how to live in alignment with the moon to protect your energy

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