Drifting from Your Why with Dan Miller


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Every once in a while, when you scanning your email, there’s a subject line that jumps out at you. Even more so when it’s from someone you know, and goes against what you know about them. Today, Kevin talks with purpose-driven Dan Miller, whose headline said simply, “I’ve drifted from my why.” Discover how Dan drifted from his purpose, and how he got back on track.

  • Learn about how Dan realized he had become a commodity marketer instead of a coach and leader who helps people discover their own purpose, their why, and what they’re supposed to do in this life.
  • Dan shares the very moment when he realized he’d gotten off track after a discussion with one of Dave Ramsey’s employees who reminded him, during a three-minute conversation, the way he used to teach.
  • Do you believe that asking ‘why’ five times can get you to the heart of the matter? Dan shares how he asks the question why to find the source of a problem, and he talks about the time he turned it around on himself to challenge himself.
  • Do you feel like if you get that dream job, get enough money not to worry, or achieve the station in life where you get respect you’ll be happy? This is your comfort zone, and Dan talks about how he can’t stand his own comfort zone. It’s not where he wants to live. Ask this: Why am I doing what I’m doing?
  • Sometimes your drift is unnoticeable. You begin looking for external things and you begin to lose clarity. Dan teaches you how to look internally first, and how he has done the same to get back in line with his original ‘why.’
  • Is it the why that changes over your life, or is it your understanding of your why that changes? Dan discusses how his own why has remained the same, and how his understanding of it has changed through his drifts and returns. He explains how he has had many iterations of reaching his why, and how he could do it as a used car salesman.
  • Dan tells the story of a pastor who was mistaken in his why, and how he went from preaching in the same church for twenty plus years and is now a famous painter.
  • Everyone needs a mentor. Dan shares who his mentors are, and he talks about why you don’t even need to know the person who is your mentor.

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