Failing on the Quest for Higher Purpose with Mark Timm


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Our first guest on this podcast is an amazing one. Mark Timm is a serial entrepreneur. But he’s also something else: a purpose driven leader. But he’s most excited about a business he started about 5 years ago. He currently leads Ziglar Family, and he’s got some amazing insights to share for those who are failing on their own journey to finding and living their higher purpose.

  • Believe it or not, Mark Timm is a farmboy. He shares some of the lessons that his family learned and passed down generation after generation, especially what their children would need to leave with to be successful.
  • Mark shares his experience hearing an inspirational speaker for the first time. It was a tipping point moment for him, and that speaker was none other than Zig Ziglar. Mark shares how he implemented what he learned in his life.
  • Bringing your higher purpose to the workplace can be a challenge. But the truth is it can revolutionize the culture of your workplace in the most positive way possible. It all comes back to Zig Ziglar’s most famous quote. Do you remember what it is?
  • Want to know how you can change who you are and where you’re going? We go back to Zig Ziglar for another quote. Mark recalls how it changed him from the age of 15, and how he wore out the cassette tapes.
  • Mark admits that his success at work made him wonder why he was so terrible at being a husband and wife. How could he grow, sell, and manage huge businesses but not be able to do the simple task of being the man he needed to be at home. Find out what question he asked that changed everything.
  • Kevin draws out the mentality of working parents that strangles them. It’s clear with Leave it to Beaver all the way through pop culture today that we aren’t treating our family as the most important business we’re a part of. Remember: if you aren’t leading your family, then someone or something else IS.
  • It’s okay if you’ve gotten it wrong a lot more than you’ve gotten it right. The only mistake you can make is to do nothing and say it’s too late. And in your moments of greatest vulnerability, your loved ones will see you at your greatest strength.

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