It's 'Not' A Sport Podcast | Episode 5 - Surfing


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Enda Coll and Ronan Mullen are back after a couple of weeks off from obscure sports. Episode five of 'It's Not A Sport Podcast' - the podcast that looks at all the obscure sports out there and why people love them takes a look at Surfing. Surfing has recently been added to the list of events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but even in Ireland, it's still seen as a minority sport. Enda chats to former big-wave surfer Richie Fitzgerald about the different types of surfers, the lifestyle and the mindset it takes to make it in the professional surfing world. If there's a sport out there that you feel deserves to be part of the series, get in touch with the show! Subscribe to Off The Ball's YouTube channel for more videos, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest sporting news and content.

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