episode 30 LOVE POTION 69: Cannabis for Sex, with Clinical Sexologist Dr. Carlen Costa


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cannabis + sex is a pair that's on everybody's lips - but inviting weed into the bedroom is about much more than deepening the connection between partners. did you know: the more estrogen in our body, the less THC we need (so one's tolerance can change throughout a month)? how bout that our p*ssies can get high - and they can get cotton mouth. or that choosing CBD-rich sexperiences can be known to help alleviate sexual health issues like pain and discomfort - while toking a strain higher in THC helps more with pleasure elevation? we are spilling all of tea on latest catchup with Dr. Carlen Costa, clinical sexologist, psychotherapist, cannabis sexpert, and author of best-selling book LOVE: a woman's guide to not f*cking settling.

no need to cough to get off just LISTENUP! as we GO DEEP into the role(s) cannabis can play in our sex lives, sexual health & the mission of self-love. oh my goddess! this is HIGHTEA.life

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