Algorithm Theory The Good and Bad #IYP


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Algorithm Theory The Good and Bad #IYP

On today's show I show you from my understanding at least the tale of the 2 wolves, which it is said that each one of us have within us. The good side and the bad side, this tale is as old as stories are themselves and for the first time this tale hit me hard as the Matrix of it was staring deep into my soul.

So I was apart of my first blessing by the elders on the Island of Maui in Hawaii and the words, the vibe, the people, the day itself blew me away in so many ways that I cannot even describe. The old traditions, the mindset, the value of the mind, body, soul, and respect for ourselves, others, and mother nature herself. I kid you not it was so deep, so intense that at one point the words rang so true and hit so hard that my knee kinda buckled (and BTW I was standing still) I had to take a knee and started to cry.

Ok and at this same ceremony I had a chat with a friend of mine who is big into online marketing, crypto, sales and a few other things. He is way advanced when it comes to that type of stuff, and for this show and my music I am always asking and running things by him. So we got into a very deep conversation and he was dropping massive amounts of science and knowledge on me as far as the AI and algorithms, which as well blew me away. To see the not so human side, the side that exploits us all, the bending of the truth and as well the ultimate goal 98% of the time from most corporations of just getting the sales the money.

As I sat there and listened and as well experienced what I did on both ends from the ancient traditions, to this new era that I want to get into ...I felt a sense of confusion and a sense of loss.

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