Always Remember Where You Came From #IYP


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Always Remember Where You Came From #IYP

So while away on my healing trip this year, I tossed in a book to take with me, which I had already read the year prior at same time in same place. Weird right. It was just a book about marketing. At that point I thought nothing of it, just something to read while I was relaxing type deal.

Anyway once I picked the book up and looked at it I was sorta put off with myself for taking it with me once I realized I had already read it, and on the same trip the year prior! I saw all my notes, and remembered all my frustrations, doubts, fears, and was like nope won't be reading this, and I thought well maybe instead I'll buy another book.

I left it in my beach bag and there it was the next, I opened the bag after my meditation, walk and gratitude session and was like ok, well let's review this then. Let me get over myself and all the negative memories I have about the book (which were actually just my own personal insecurities in myself of not being where I wanted to be the first time I read it). What do I mean by that...well for example in the first chapter of the book there is a questionnaire and the point to it was to determine the tier and also place you were truly at for marketing your brand (sometimes the truth hurts...the ego)!

Again as I reviewed my notes I saw that I at that point a year ago out of about 50 points total I was around the 10 points mark, which basically meant I had a ton of grunt work to do before I even began to think about marketing my brand. Which then also as I read the notes I left think of how much I really did not understand what was even in the book (it was way over my head at that point in time). Thus the reason I thought I did not want to read it again.

However I thought well there must be a reason it's here, so let's just roll with it. I was like let me just re read the first chapter and take the test again and see how I feel. So I did. It made way more sense, even inspired me to be honest, lit more of a fire under my ass. Then at the end I re took the test...boom my mark was around 30, which blew me away. I really did have a much greater understanding of all that I had been working on in the last year.

I mean no where close to where I want to be, but maybe just maybe sometimes we should take a look in the rear view mirror just to remember how far we have come, how much we have learned and how much we have improved.

For me at least to always look forward sometimes leaves me doubting, so I was happy that I took a moment to review and pat myself on the back for a job well done!

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