Are You A People Pleaser and Why? #IYP


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Are You A People Pleaser and Why? #IYP

Ok so as most of you know I have been going at this mindfulness game aka soto zen for over a decade and its been on heck of a ride. Massive up's and massive down's and that is just scratching the surface.

There has been a lot coming up recently with all the energy shifts and planetary alignments happening in our solar system which I personally feel has been either waking certain people up to a higher level or on the other hand putting certain people into an even deeper sleep.

One thing that again for myself that has become very clear and currently intolerable is trying to please people, and a further statement would be allowing that want for acceptance (the base reason for trying to please other, and not thinking you are enough) as well as allowing them to project their "insecurities" onto me.

What I mean by that, and something I am going to take from the great Jay-Z is that just because so and so in our life (Mom, Dad, Uncle, Lover, Friends, etc) says well I never made it so you shouldn't bother either and you and I actually take that into our awareness in our subconscious minds and allow it to penetrate into our hearts and beliefs, solely to appease them....

Then we are the fools not them. We have to stand up for ourselves, we have to be strong for ourselves. For just because it did not work for them has absolutely no relevance as to how that will work out for us. #FACTS

Again they may not be coming from a place of malice, they may actually even becoming from a place of love, but again it's on us to live our lives not to aim to please everyone else by listening to their advice or stories. This is all of our's one life, and we cannot douse the flame on it, we may never get this chance again.

On that note after this many years and finally and I mean just finally starting to realize that there is no time left to waist on trying to take everyone else's feelings, thoughts, and reactions into consideration for what it is I know my soul and heart want!

I wish this same clarity for us all! Non judgement all aroud ~

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