Fast Food Industry Trends and What That Means For Us #IYP


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Fast Food Industry Trends and What That Means For Us #IYP

So on today's show I go over a chat I had with a group of people in the food industry and the investing industry. We got to talking about the evolution of human's on the planet, convenience in the last 100 years, investing trends and as well as health trends. The conversation was with people who were very switched on in their respected fields and had knowledge that I had not been introduced to as far as facts dating back to before my time when it came to marketing numbers as well as how fast food and convenience foods have grown over the past 50 years.

Some of these facts and numbers were very mind numbing to be honest. When we look at things from the perspective of an ant, you cannot really see the entire picture like you could as an eagle soaring high above. When you think of the rise and fall of past civilizations, when we see things in what most call hindsight yes then we can understand and gain some perspective but when we are right in the middle of it, as it is happening I don't think we can truly see what it is that is happening right in front of our eyes.

We have apps now that can deliver us food so we never have to leave the house, we have business, and investment into AI and virtual reality. These things are maybe going to be awesome, but do any of us at this moment think of the health reality for the youth coming up, or ourselves. It is going to be so easy within years to have things delivered to our homes so that we can continue to focus on whatever it is that we want to be doing, and I have a feeling as with most investments and business that it will all be money driven so having said that, do we honestly think that the ingredients and vegetables and meats will be of the highest and healthiest qualities?

Meaning if we don't at this point start paying attention to our health, sooner or later the world we live in won't even remember what it is to cook for yourself, or know that physical activity is a thing.

If we think back to groups like the Spartan's and we think know that only 12% of the North American population is physically fit, we have to ask ourselves what in the Phuck Happened!!

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