GM Plant Closing, Plant Opening - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP


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GM Plant Closing, Plant Opening - Ignite Your Purpose #IYP

There has been much talk of the GM plant closing in Canada and the USA, one of those plants is in an area where I grew up and I know a lot of people and family members whom have been affected by this. One of my friends even sent me an independent interview that was done with a bunch of the laid pf workers as they left work for the last time. I have to admit some of the stories were heart breaking. Now from an awareness stand point I watched how I reacted and felt after watching something like that; contracted, fearful, lost, hopeless, powerless are all words that came to mind.


Check this, the same friend sent me an interview with Elon Musk an innovator, an entrepenure, a trend setter, a trail blazer. He said maybe just maybe we would want to use all those factories. Now now this may or may not happen.

However again when I paid attention to how I felt is was amazing, I was open, happy, excited, alive, endless possibilities.

It got me to thinking if we are always relying on someone or something else we can fell hopeless or not in control of our own destiny. So if in the end it can all be taken away from us, why would we NOT want to control it ourselves?

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