How To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy #IYP


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How To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy #IYP

How is this done, why is this done and do I need to do it?

Well, I think with the times we are all going through currently on this planet that this is a very good idea. On today's show I speak about how remaining silent for a number of reason's may actually help you and the person or person's you are surrounding yourself with protect energies and sanity.

Sometimes we just want to be heard and sometimes we just want to be right!

It is not very often we just sit back and listen and allow what ever is meant to happen or be just happen, we tend to want to intervene or we tend to want to sound smart or be right or think we are some type guru trying to help others. Yet we are not GOD or the Universe, so why try to take on that responsibility?

Yes, I speak about this from experience of course. The first 3-6 months on this journey of mine with all the new information I was learning and implementing I just wanted to tell the world so when people would ask....Boom I would just talk and talk and talk. Probably scaring them away!

Something I did not realize either at the time was the energy I was also giving away and the energy (from them) that I was taking on. Yup I was way to new. So the effects of some of the interactions at times left me super tired and even a few times I felt kinda sick or nauseous to which I never understood why.

I once spent a long weekend with a guy who asked for my help and wanted to shadow everything I did. I was so pumped up that I jumped at the opportunity. By the last day I could barley stay awake and I was sick to my stomach. This person for 3 days was just dumping excuses, negativity, problems and his issues on me because I was there with open arms and a powerful energy source for him to suck off of. Boy did he ever use up that energy and you know what he did not even implement a single thing I showed him, 5 years later he still has the same excuses and problems because he is not willing to nor will ever change, he just continues to look for new energy sources (people) to suck off of (people who will listen to him whine)!!!

After finding out years later about toxic energy and energy vampires it was only then that I learned how to avoid all together those who have no real want to change or improve, and how to protect myself from those who do want the help but are extremely toxic.

At times by being silent and just listening (instead of trying to give advice, which in some cases is just our own ego wanting to be heard and stroked) you allow and or protect yourself from going downwards into the never ending negative rabbit whole that is a t times impossible to get out of.

Remember their lesson is not our lesson so do not take it on as if it was. As well sometimes people just want to talk and be heard, they do not want to hear what we have to say! Something to think about~

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