Ignite Your Purpose Daily Show 182 #IYP


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Ignite Your Purpose Daily Show 182 #IYP

Breaking The Balance, Why you need Balance - Ignite Your Purpose #182 Breaking the balance is not a challenge or dare, its the status quo! At Ignite Your Purpose we ask is Balance a near impossibility, a lucky few may have it nailed however for the majority of us it's a long way away despite our best intentions or beliefs.Those who proclaim to have a perfectly balanced life are either delusional, or about the crash the train, or are they maybe we are only aware of our own level of awreness!!Is life about being balanced or being able to spot when its way out of whack and making those required lifestyle changes to guide in in the right direction, before life throws us another fast ball and we need to adapt again, or crash. Max and I discuss and keep it real by holding our own feet to the fire and trying to give some direction from our own experiences We talk longevity through a healthy lifestyle, a mix of mental physical and spiritual knowledge. The mind Body soul trifecta ~Negative to Positive Everyday ~


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