Judge Me Not For What I Do Not Understand #IYP


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Judge Me Not For What I Do Not Understand #IYP

That is correct, the judgement in all of us, towards ourselves, towards others, towards events, towards everything basically. We run all the information that we get from our 5 senses "sight, sounds, taste, smell, touch" and then take that info a run it through our own filters, programming, mind, and by that I mean how each one of us individually was brought up in the first 7 years of our lives.

On top of that we are all victims and fall prey to mis information or lack of information or being sold or told a narrative that is either false or not complete. For an example I will use this, in school we are taught all the facts of the oceans that we know as humans. Fair enough correct, but what we are not told even to this day is that we have explored less than 5% of the ocean,(around there) so that means we no zero about 95% of it, yet as humans we think we know all there is to know about the ocean. So how can we (any of us) truly claim that we really know what is going on down there?

Mathematically not possible when you only have 5% of a puzzle, there is no way you can guess or assume the other 95%.

Well, at least that is the way I see it at this point.

Even for myself if I take the events that happened at Covington Catholic High School where as we all know an event took place.

So I am not here to talk about the event or what happened, but what I am talking about today is how I reacted (even after 10 plus years of mind training in soto zen) to a sound bit and 30 second clip. Mixed with all the information being pushed out about the event itself.

I can remember saying their must be more to this, but at the same time the way the video and sound bits were edited I took that information into my system and filter's and programming and with the information provided even though I knew there had to be more to the story.... took it as somewhat fact.

That just tells me how strong our programming run's. Even though I had questions, massive doubt's - at that moment with the only information provided to me my mind took that info and can up with an outcome.

No different then still believing we know all there is to know about the ocean, untrue, yet we still teach and tell each other it is true.

We always hear the saying "Question Everything" I agree with that, but I wonder with all this information hitting us 24/7 in these current times have we become to lazy to do so?

Even though that statement rings true now more than ever!!

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