New Years Resolution's Statistic's The Good and Bad #IYP


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New Years Resolution's Statistic's The Good and Bad #IYP

So another January 1 has come and gone, another Spring or Fall or Birthday or "That One Day" has come and gone...

So has that motivation to change, the good old pump up for that day we PLAN to Start (which I think is the biggest lie we tell ourselves because that pretend date makes us feel as if we are about to do something so different and so special!)

Yet let's be 100% honest and let's be 100% transparent...the stat's are something like 98% of these never even get implemented, and even less stick with it after the first few weeks. Why is that?

Why do we even bother, what are the points of these resolution's, and where do these resolution's come from? So that last question 'where do they come from" is the point of this talk. Meaning usually they come from a place of us as the person wanting to make the change is wanting to make a change for the better. This is a good thing for us to want to want to be better, we need this, we want this, we try for this.

So after my 10-12 years in this soto zen game, studying of the mind, implementing the work on the self, which is hard and deep inner work. Not always fun at times. Any and as always we continue to learn everyday and yesterday someone mentioned this to me which again after the 10 plus years blew my mind, how I had never linked the thought process the way he had mentioned.(Again another reason to be open to new information and to never think you know everything) The statement was "isn't it interesting that almost all our wants come from a place of lack, the lack we think we have for ourselves or inside ourselves.

So knowing my studies of soto zen and mind studies and knowing if we ask for things and or "believe," yes thats the whole point right there "BELIEVE" that we don't have these things, then we are doomed to get more of what we Believe.

Thus (and this may seem a little foo foo) but instead of projecting out to the universe or meeting the universe half way and saying I am manifesting this into reality (almost like positive thinking or affirmations) But actually thinking and Believing you already have this thing it is you want to accomplish and being grateful for what it is we already have.

Instead we come from a place of this thing I have is not good enough or I do not have enough, my body, my weight, my self, my relationship, my job, my money....and so on and so on. So we only put out the vibe that nothing is good enough and or I am not good enough so that is exactly what we continue to get back...more lack

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