No Respect For Authority or Your Health #IYP


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No Respect For Authority or Your Health #IYP

Ok as always I am using things in today's show that have been happening to me, or through me from the Universe to teach me things either in myself that need light shined on them or lesson's I need to learn so that I can continue to improve and evolve as a human being that wants to do better and be the best version of himself! That take's me to today where I sat on a secluded beach (an area that not a lot of people know about and as well not a lot of people go to) this beach is in a very posh area and there are a lot of high end homes on this beach area. Which brings me to todays's conversation piece which is; all the money in the world can not make up for not having your health!

So I was told about this quiet beach that basically only the people who live around it use, it is very small, clam, and quiet, so perfect I thought for me on this day to go and get some soaking in of the sun water and sand. All the while as well being able to meditate in the form of quiet sitting as well as slow quiet walking. I was kind of pumped to be honest to try something new. This spot did not disappoint at all, perfect to say the least.

Here is where the lesson's for today kick in, in this area there were about 5 different families but they all knew each other possibly spending the holiday's together. I was the alone outsider off to the side but again it was not a huge area so all talk was very accessible to the ear's of everyone. So while in meditation eye's closed I heard a lot of typical family banter and bitching, which is par for the course in every single family. As well the kids seemed very high maintenance from the word's and attitude they delivered back to the parents, but that again could just be the season, the excitement or being in a group around friends.

After maybe an hour or so the mother's all seemed to leave together for a group appointment. This is where I started to notice that all the father's of the group where all kinda look a like's, meaning they all had their phone's on them, using them, while connected to their ear buds on calls and half heartedly paying attention to the kids (making deals maybe?) as well they all shared the same body type...extra large in the gut, and again I am not hear to judge but just stating a fact for the health aspect of this conversation.

This lead to what can only be described for me as I watched an emotionally sad state when this one father wanted the young children to do something and the children either ignored him or flat out told him off, and the father's being so big could not muster up the energy or strength to get up and get after them. Instead it looked like to me this energy of being embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.

Now I do not know the inner working of the family and that is not for me to care about or judge, however to be our best self, the best version of ourselves for our children seems to almost be the duty of a parent and for the child not to respect the parent for being that big (please listen to the podcast for a more in-depth understanding of the situation) is a sad thing to witness, a humbling thing to experience and yet another reason to always strive to be on point with our health.

We need to lead by example for the next generation!

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