No Skin In The Game So Why Bother? #IYP


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No Skin In The Game So Why Bother? #IYP

Today we talk about the Why behind our desire's, wants, and goals. So what does it take to get to where we are going. Next on that statement would be why bother if we don't have the follow through...and how do we attain that follow through?

Something that I have personally noticed for myself even is unless there is some type of investment on my end when trying to learn or accomplish something, then I tend to slack off or even just sorta forget about it. That I'll get to it later type deal. I notice this about myself when buying a book I start out strong but when life gets busy or other things come up I put the book off.

So that then also bring's up accountability and how do we get and how do we strive off of it.

Again and as always I use myself, my failure's, and my experience as the blue print to moving forward for the Ignite Your Purpose Team. So for example I noticed for myself when taking a class that I pay for I go all in. On that same not when we have put on classes in the classes that are paid for those people taking those classes seem to be involved and be more serious about the outcome.

It is a "thing", if we pay for it (usually not always) we put more effort into it, because ( I think at least) we work hard for that money and it has value to us, so if we spend it on ourselves in the form of education, then we place a certain value on the outcome of what we put that perceived value (the money) into.

Also the next thing that I have noticed would be the accountability. We as a people unless we are uber next level need to be held accountable. If this happen's (again from my own experience and from the classes we have put on) people tend to really show up and their best self comes and play hard ball.

There maybe some type of friendly competition or wanting to prove to someone else we are capable. It's some type of play on our mental state, and from that we tend to shine brighter than if we were to go in solo.

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