Progression Energy Times are Changing #IYP


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Progression Energy Times are Changing #IYP

Remember this Today as you listen "today is the first day of the rest of your life" these energies boy oh boy this energies are knocking me all over the road. There are days and times I feel like I just went 12 rounds with Tyson...

So let's talk progression, and by this I mean our day to day progression as we wake up to our real self, our true purpose, or maybe even better would be to say out of the "MATRIX." The most recent cosmic events which were the Solstice, the meteor event, and the full moon all occurring on the same night, now for those of us who understand and believe (not everyone does which is fine, but for me all the ancients pointed out these cosmic events so I tend to give them some thought and reflection) that planets and the universe and earth signs, are very powerful tools and times for us to get our inner work done, or get more understanding and or clarity while in meditation.

As always I use myself as the lab test and I found that for the day prior the night of and the day after I was pretty friggin blissed out, amazing occurrences, and alignments would happen (things like great impromptu meets, some out of the blue opportunities) I was relaxed and nothing and I mean nothing seemed urgent or important, no emotions, just actual being in the moment. It is not often I feel like that for days on end, so it was very cool.

BACK TO REALITY, and then it was over. Again if you follow or believe in the astrology ideal then we changed sign and there is a new planet governing our earth signs, and I mean like that a few days later it all changed massively and abruptly. I was shocked, I felt antsy, I felt short, snappy, like I couldn't control my emotions (thankfully I had 10 years plus of mindfulness and mental studies to help me out or it would have been to much for me personally to handle). Ya in general I was on edge. So I looked up the effects of the cosmic change and astrology chart, and ya for me and us all (although it will effect each person differently) for the next few months and then the next 7 years is the new cycle.

For myself I am going to have to rely on my mentor for some guidance and answers as I progress into my future self.

What Did the Great TLC say's "I ain't to proud to beg"!! So don't be to proud people as these are going be challenging times for us all! But again those times will lead us to a brighter day ~

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