Reliving Your Life With A New Outlook #IYP


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Reliving Your Life With A New Outlook #IYP

How often do you, like me always think of the 'grass could be greener' over there option?

So on today's show I go over a great little reminder chat with a former business partner of my past and how that mindset set off 2 completely different emotions and this lead to a massive state of confusion and frustration, which as always once you sit with it leads to clarity and appreciation for the lesson at hand.

The issues that came up for me;

1. The former Anxiety and Stress and relief for leaving

2. Fear, FOMO, lack, contraction for leaving

Crazy right, on the one hand so happy and grateful that I did not have to deal with any of the BS I use to have to deal with, but at the same time I was then doubting myself for letting go of the monies that came along with the business and company I had. So this massive amount of happiness and fear at the exact same time was a very, very new state of being for me.

The thing I noticed was that the feeling, the emotion of fear was much more powerful or much more dominate than the amazing feeling of lightness and freedom.

This personally I feel is because since birth that fear emotion (which has a point if we are running from a tiger or whatever) is always, continuously promoted. The NO is always get's more attention than the YES. We are meant to stay in line, inside that societal box, and to teach us all that when we are children this is done through fear, which then get's hardwired into our program system and emotion system. So it is much easier to bring up past thoughts and experience's where these situations have come up before and we then just keep recycling the process over and over again. Very difficult to change.

The Fear of Not enough money, or not enough love, not enough things, keep's us in this lower level state. We cannot get out of this state without changing something. Or we are bound to just keep repeating

Let's stay aware of our emotions team!

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