Surround Yourself With Good People #IYP


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Surround Yourself With Good People #IYP

Speaking of surrounding yourself with good people today we have been added to PODCOIN, a very cool app where you can listen to Podcasts and get paid...crazy rite!

Ok so for me a lot of my work is done solo, in my studio and in my office and even when out and about I am pretty low key and not around a lot of people. The few times I am are either at the gym and or social events.

Both those which are very fun and I can get my ya — ya's out, they are not a super deep and impactful time to vibe with people. It's always fun and super positive, but what I am talking about is that higher connection, that being inspired or getting fired up for life and the adventures that await ahead of us type deal.

Now I do think it's a must to be around these types of situations for me anyway I feel the type of work out group I am involved in could not be any more positive on myself my soul and those around me. A group of like minded people who are trying to be better than they were yesterday and at the same time pushing each other to the limits through positivity...very cool experience for real.

But again that's for an hour to an hour and a half, so when for this whole month I was able to vibe basically 24/7 with people who are pushing the limits for themselves and in their respective industries, I mean it was amazing. It was refreshing, it was obviously an energy rush, it was empowering, it was humbling, and it made me want to be better.

At that point I realized something, I can remember back when, and even now I can feel it when I am around the wrong type of people. There are those who seem to look at the negative all the time (and thats fine) but then compare that feeling you or I get at that point to being around 1 person or a group of people who are high on life and look at things positively and that the planet is full of opportunity.

From my perspective I either feel like I am contracting or expanding, and let's just be honest life is short and our time is very, very valuable. So I choose to be in an expanded state surrounded with people who think the same and have the same goals. So amazing!

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