The Future Looks Bright Once You Let It #IYP


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The Future Looks Bright Once You Let It #IYP

So I have to let you all know how a piece of information that was told to me threw me into a tizzy for a few days because of all the wrong reasons.

You may ask what or why, so let me give you the background. I was leaving for a month away from my office and area, I had a few final calls and interviews to do before going, as I knew I would be offline due to travel and time changes for about 2 days. One of my last conversations was a massive exciting, high vibration, pump you up, type conversation, the sky is the limit conversation where you leave it thinking anything is possible. We chatted about the high hopes for the future of this here show, new gear (which I ordered that day) new avenues we were going to chase down, the private jets and world tours we would be doing in the next few months to years. Like it was a mind blowing type conversation...

But in the back of my mind I felt something was off, yet I paid no attention to it.

So 2 plus days later I get a text or email that once I finished reading it, felt like someone kicked me right square in my man junk area!

A very nice short and sweet email that said they were no longer interested in moving forward with me or the show (for their own reasons) and that was basically that.

In the grand plan of life not a major issues, but for me I was blind sided I had just ordered all this equipment, we talked about taking over the podcast game, so on and so on, to a complete 180 of, nope we are done.

It took me about 3 days to fully get out of the funk I had created for myself from this news. Yes, you heard me correctly the funk I had created for myself!!

I was tossed into such a negative thought process that I could not see the sunshine from my own ass! I was worried about all the wrong things and (now looking back) the most insignificant and stupid meaningless things. So by focusing on all of that I lost all of my own power and energy. I thought (for some weird and absolutely ridiculous reason) that I could not go on by myself, or it would be to hard by myself, or it would be to much work by myself, no one would listen to just me by myself (do you see a pattern here)?

This is the crazy thing, and this even after 10 plus years in the game of mind studies is I forgot I was doing this solo a year ago, I make music solo, I toured word of a lie when I was in my tizzy none of these empowering high vibration energies or thoughts came up...can you believe that. That is how focused on the lower self, negative energy and the reptilian brain I had been for a few days!

However by the end of the second day it all changed my meditations, grounding, high energy and high vibration team, crew, and family being around, and some universal guidance hit me all at once and I was like a pre teen with his first errection! There was no stopping me I knew immediately right then and there that this was the best thing that could have ever happened to me and even better yet for me!

Looking back a few weeks I truly do not know how I did it with a partner for the almost year that once was. I know now there is no other way for me then what is!

I am so blessed for this lesson of empowerment and the fact that I have the tools to overcome the power of the subconscious and reptilian mind! That part of the mind is one tough nut to crack!

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