The Millennial Problems Is It Really A Thing? #IYP


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The Millennial Problems Is It Really A Thing? #IYP

Ok so on today's show I wanted to talk about something that is currently vibing in my world and these two topics are going hand in hand. I happen to be reading a book called GRIT ( I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good read and drive). As well I am and have been in discussion and debate with some parents and business owners about this millennial hot topic for the times as everyone seems to be jumping on this topic with some type of opinion or take on it.

So first off the book, I mean it is just full of facts, notes, interviews with people which many of them were kinda written off at a young age, and it goes through how they got to the top of their respected area's of expertise and as well what the mindset behind this type of human is. Meaning why do some give up if told by an authority figure (parent, teacher, school, doctor or whom ever) that they just won't or can't or are not able to cut the mustard. Then on the flip side of that those same type of student's, athletes, musicians, artist's, engineers or whom ever take that as a challenge and go out to get what they were told they could not have.

All in all a great read for each of us who continue to strive to reach the goals we continue to set for ourselves!

As for this millennial talk I mean it seem's as though everyone has an idea as to why, this and that, you know just everyone has the answer. Some of the followers of The Ignite Your Purpose show have asked some question's which I then in turn started to pay attention to. This is where it get's interesting for me, as some of the questions/statements are coming from parents, and on the other side you have the entrepreneurs/business people who are trying to work with or hire some of these millennial types. So a very well rounded totally different ends of the spectrum take on it all.

Again not really the point of the conversation but what is the point is that this kid I met on Christmas night, while I was out at a meeting (yes trying to get my hustle on and expand my opportunities) which was running behind I met this kid, who gave me this look like can I ask you something. So I said hello, to which he asked immediately if I knew what this line meant on this piece of paper he was filling out. Yup he was filling out a job application, and yes it was Christmas Day!

So in the end I do not think Judgement or lumping a whole group of people into the same basket is a viable way to determine the pulse of a group. I think 100% some fit the bill and then on the other end I think some do not at all fit into the box. We have to walk a mile in their shoe's to understand and you know we cannot judge a book by its cover!

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