The Pyramid Scheme


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The Pyramid Scheme it must be as old as time itself. I as always in my talks witnessed today a talk or an indoctrination from a group of people trying to get the next group of people signed up under them so that these new recruits could go out and make the others rich! Rite we have all been there seen this and done that.

Yet what resonated with me today was this saying ( for myself from my experiences growing up and currently) If we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything. That anything (especially in these current times seems to be money and overnight success). So how do we find out what we stand for?

Well that takes as with everything in life time and effort. It also takes a lot of self reflection and soul searching if you will. Going deep inside and knowing what it is we want (that may not happen overnight). What got me was and because I have been in this place where someone sees the potential in us (even though we may not) to use us to make money for them.

To exploit to a certain degree because at the base of all this "We Do Not Know Our Self Worth."

I was asked once when I went for my first job “so what will you charge” and I can remember being embarrassed to answer the question simply because I had no clue my worth, my value and what I actually brought to the table.

If I can push one thing to anyone in this position do your research and dig deep down inside so you know where you stand and what it is you stand for!!

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