What I Want Is What I Got In The End #IYP


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What I Want Is What I Got In The End #IYP

A trip to the Hospital lead me to an amazing conversation with an elderly lady and a massive lesson in understanding for myself and I hope all of you as well. Meaning what we want and think of something is not always the same as what the people who we want and think it for may think for themselves! Here is how this played out.

So I had an issue with my ribs from some Krav Maga training I was doing and I was told to be on the safe side to take a visit to the hospital. So I did, and within I would say 5 minutes this old timer rolled up beside me to strike up a conversation, and ohh boy what an awesome conversation it was!

She told me all about way back when how she had done the same thing (possibly breaking some ribs, and how painful it was) from there she started telling me how she would give anything to have those days back. She was not unhappy with where she was at or how she was living but simply saying (I think anyway) how she wishes she had her mobility and freedom back again.

Part of me wondered and maybe even judged how she ended up where and how she was. In an electric cart with oxygen and a patch over her throat. The wondering was about the oxygen and the cart. She is very old I can tell that, and very full of life which I love.

We continue on, and she tells me about not wasting time (all from her point of view being near the end as she called it) not worrying about the insignificant things in life that cannot be controlled (like what others think, or what we think others think). She said to enjoy my body, freedom, and health, while I still have it.

That last statement made me again wonder if she had done all the things she was telling me about. As I looked at her with amazement and respect I felt like the Universe was speaking through her to me for me but also as a lesson in the bigger picture of life.

Then the real lesson after about 10 minutes of banter...she looks at me almost like a used car sales person, like a hustler and say's "so you got a smoke for the old lady?"

I think I must have turned red, she was on oxygen, she could not walk or not easily I assume, she had a patch over her throat (maybe surgery, maybe something else) and she wanted a smoke?

Myself no I do not have a smoke I said, to which she replied not to worry I will find one.

She then went on (again a lesson from the Universe) to say you know when you get to be my age and in my position there are only so many things you can still enjoy in life and a good smoke is one of mine.

In that micro second I thought ok then who the phuck am I to take away this person's joy?

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